{Un}Packing, {Re}Packing, and {De}packing

Within the past two weeks, I have spent more time packing than ever before.

First, I packed up my entire room in Davis. My belongings required 3 road trips worth to transfer everything from my Davis apartment to my dad’s house.

Then, before moving anything into my dad’s house, I packed up the items already there that have become useless to me since high school.

Finally, I was able to move everything upstairs that I had brought home from Davis.

Then, I unpacked.

Suddenly, Tahoe sounded like a good idea, so I packed a bag for a 4-day vacation in Tahoe with my best friends.

During this process, a phone call from a friend made me realize I was bringing completely inappropriate clothing based on the weather…and my de-packing process began.

Upon returning home from Tahoe, I unpacked my duffel, and began the real packing process into the motherload of all suitcases to bring to South America.

Now, however I can say I am all set and ready for Buenos Aires (giving me total leeway of one hour before my flight leaves)

Until next time, when I’ll be writing from Argentina!

part of the Tahoe crew

part of the Tahoe crew


jumping from boulders into the lake


relaxing after a hike

loading up my carry-on backpack

loading up my carry-on backpack

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