Airplanes & Empanadas

I have arrived!

At about 11am this morning, I set foot in South America for the first time! And it felt GREAT. There was a driver for me at the airport (sent by the hostel), waiting to whisk me away into the great big city of Buenos Aires. We got to know eachother while waiting for my baggage –which was good because I ended up falling asleep in the cab and didn’t wake until we stopped outside of America del Sur hostel.

My room wasn’t ready when I arrived, so they told me I could hang out downstairs in their “lounge.” Well, I did. I was asleep there for two hours and woke up with my head basically in this guy’s lap who had decided to plop down and watch Lost in spanish right next to me. After some awkward, bewildered eye contact, I decided it was time to see if my room happened to be ready.

It was! I showered, got ready, then headed out the door to do some exploring. After getting some guidance from the hostel’s front desk, I began a 3-hour trek through San Telmo. Gorgeous. It’s all cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, and a few green, sprawling plazas (pictures to come).

Once I returned, I realized the last thing I had eaten was airplane food the night before, so I stopped by a shop to get an empanada…and OH. MY. GOD. That thing was amazing. There were two choices: jamón y queso or carne (which I’m guessing was a beef option). I chose  the jamón y queso. It was love at first bite.

empanada de jamón y queso

empanada de jamón y queso

amor at first bite

amor at first bite

empanada de jamón y queso

empanada de jamón y queso

I’m going upstairs to meet my hostel roommates now…entonces, hasta luego!

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