How to not be a lil gOrDiTa in Buenos Aires

So, since you’ll be doing a lot of this:





...and more eating...

…and more eating…

you’ll need to make sure you don’t stay too sedentary, or you’ll end up looking like my new friend from the zoo:


dont be a rhinoooooo, move yo body!

SOOOOOOOOO here are a few ideas to help you stave off those pounds (whether it be from churripan, café con leche, medialunas, or that gosh darn dulce de leche)

Join A Protest

walk it off

walk it off

Pros: You’ll walk for dozens of blocks, cut off hundreds of otherwise useful intersections, and scream at the top of your lungs to add an ab workout in with that cardio.

Cons: They always have asados at the end, so eating that churripan will leave all that walking for waste.

Partake in an Outdoor Zumba Class

zumba in the park!

zumba in the park!

Pros: feel young and hip as you get in shape. The class is free, and the teachers are energetic, like humanized Energizer Bunnies.

Cons: Creepers like me walk past, may start laughing, and then linger nearby to snap photos.

Take a Tango Class

tango lessons at Argentina Escuela de Tango

tango lessons at Argentina Escuela de Tango

Pros: You meet exciting people, move your body in sexxxxxaaayyy new ways, and get to watch the pros break it down

 Cons: You have to perform a solo duet in front of your class. If you’re not super awesome at tango (thank god I am), it could get embarrrrrassing

Join a Random Street Dance Party

dancinnn in the streets

dancinnn in the streets

Pros: The band usually hosts some of the funkiest people you’ll find around BA. If they’re not already dreaded-out soul stompers,  members are probably a young group of college students of a band in-the-making. They’ll put down their trumpets only long enough to pull you into the center group circle where you’ll cha cha or just shake a little bit until you decide it’s time for lunch. (but remember, no empanadas this mealtime!)

Cons: piropo-ing for dayzz and also Quilmes being passed around (which of course is gonna add those kilos back)

……and there you have it: sound advice for how to not go overboard (or look like you’ve gone overboard) on that gelato, empanadas, and bife while you’re here. Since most are fun options anyways, you’ll still be able to enjoy Buenos Aires while gettin’ work done.

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