no, i am not swearing, but if i were, it would be warranted.

This morning I woke up………at 3 AM and could not go back to bed. I tried counting sheep, the specks on the wall, how many times I saw the lights across the street turn on yaddeeeyadeeya, but still couldn’t fall back asleep! So come real morning time, once everyone was awake, I begged my roommates for one thing……..


Not like I even crave Starbucks back in the U.S., but I just knew I needed that big, hot espresso-crammed latte after my sleepless night.

but I know….shame on me, right? You’re in a great coffee capital of the world and you go where?!?!

Anyways (after you finish judging me)….

Google-mapping it on my phone showed that the closest one was 46 minutes away. (well, great) But then I remembered off the Subte there was one close to El Centro/Plaza de Mayo; so after getting dressed and ready, the three of us hopped on the subte to make our way to the land of white cups, beige coffee-sleeves, and  green mermaids.

We tripped in (literally, we all tripped and almost ate it as we walked through the front door), and each one of us took on a separate register to order.

I took short and sweet, ordering a simple “grande cafe latte”; meanwhile, Sarah began conversing with the barista (who thought she was Australian); and Tania got into the most hilarious debacle with her cashier over her hibiscus tea (“Té de hibisco, por favor.” “Hibisco?” “ehhh….Hibiscus?” “Que es?” “Té de hibiscus?” “Es rojo?” “….si?” “oooooh, té de hibiscus!” “Que?”)

Then we grabbed our cups and went upstairs to sit.


Once we finished, we began our walk to class. SUDDENLY a security guard who had been comes jogging after us, first grabbing Tania’s attention.

“Has olvidado algo?” he said. At first, I thought this was a ploy to pick-pocket us, but then I recognized him from Starbucks.

Each one of us looked at eachother puzzled, but then I immediately reached inside my purse and realized my phone wasn’t there. I HAD LEFT IT ON THE COUCH INSIDE!

“Si!” I yelped, then rushed back inside with the officer.

He wasn’t about to just give me my phone though and asked me for my number so he could call the phone (which he hadn’t yet revealed) to see if it was actually mine. “Pero, es de los Estados Unidos y ya desconectado,” but he called anyways.

Of course it didn’t go through, so he didn’t want to give the phone back to me, not fully believing it was mine.

I couldn’t think of what to do.

But then I remembered I had just changed the background photo on my phone. With Sarah and Tania standing next to me, I began once again on my quest to regain my iPhone from the securityman’s possession:

“Mira el foto de portada. Puedo contarte que es el foto.” Then I turned and pointed to Sarah and Tania, “es un foto de nosotros.”

Sure enough, the guard pulled the phone out of his pocket (by this time we had a crowd of baristas in the audience), pressed the middle button, and then smiled as he looked up, making the connection between each girl’s face and mine.

So, just goes to show you that these porteños really are some of the nicest around, and not everyone is just on a quest to pick-pocket you, like Lonely Planet so viciously describes.

And cheers to this photo (and the lovelies in it!) as it saved another iPhone from the cellular graveyard of my past:


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