Burger Joint

Apparently yesterday we were all a little nostalgic for that Americana. What with Starbucks in the morning, we figured it’d be only appropriate if we kept the patriotic theme going.

So to finish off the day around 11pm, we treated ourselves to the juiciest, most flavorful, and BIGGEST burgers Buenos Aires has to offer @ Palermo’s own: Burger Joint.

About 3 blocks from my apartment lies this little patty of hamburger heaven. You can spot it by the neon hamburger glowing from blocks away. Inside, you’ll find the entire place graffiti-ed from floor to ceiling just like Buenos Aires itself. Intermittent between the wall drawings are old records, Pulp Fiction and Jimi Hendricks posters, and quotes from the likes of Che and the Beatles. I took pics of my favorite pieces of wall art, which include a stenciled zebra whose stripes are being hung up to dry on a clothesline:


After being advised to do so by amigos, I ordered “La Mexicana” –a burger composed of jalapeños, guac, cebolla morada (sooo bomb), tomato, y queso. 

Image 2

Que rico!! On first bite, I was in hamburger heaven. I cannot wait to go back and try their “Bleu” edition (think carmelized onion, sundried tomatoes, portobello mushroom, arugula, and bleu cheese). Oh, and the best part? If you choose to upgrade for 5 pesos (aka a buck) and you get sangria or a beer instead of a soda! I recommend getting both for when you’ll need to chug after biting into a hunk of “La Mexicana’s” jalapeños.


Wander{ita} Rating: CINCO ESTRELLAS *****

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