guess who’s coming to dinner..erhm…Peru?! MADDIE!


We both arrived in Lima 3 days ago: her from California, and me from Buenos Aires. Christian, my former roommate in Barcelona (who’s from Lima), was waiting  for us at the airport.

The next day, Maddie and I walked around the Miraflores district of Lima. So beautiful. We walked over a bridge that overlooks the entire beach, and wandered into a Gaudi-style park decorated with love quotes engraved onto a long mosaic bench. Later that day, we met up with Christian and his friend, Sarah. They took us out to an amazinggggg  seafood restaurant at a place called La Red. We ate ceviche, fancy fish and chips, oysters {Maddie’s first!}, and some more delicious seafood all accompanied with passionfruit pisco sours.

Afterwards, Christian ordered us a cab, and we took a driving tour of Miraflores and Barrancos, another beautiful district of Lima. We ended in a mod café {that one day I want to take my dad to because I think he would love it!}, where we ordered passionfruit white chocolate cake, and espressos. Once snapped out of our seafood coma, we walked around Barrancos.

Sites included Puente de los Suspiros and beautiful views of the ocean.

We finished the day by spending five hours in Christian’s favorite bar. From the outside, and even once you’re inside, you think it’s an art museum. Glass globes hang from the ceiling and walls, each filled with different colored fabrics. Along the free walls are quotes, meant to inspire and stimulate the imagination. It was so cool!!

It was an incredible first full day in Lima. I have Maddie and Christian to thank for that!

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