{Getting Settled}

I’m officially on week #2 of working/living/playing in Cusco, Peru.

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks since Maddie left. I’ve had to move, start work, and get to know the city VERY quickly. Por fin,  things are finally starting to settle down.

Literally every day here is an adventure: I wake up with no plans and end up having the most eventful days. Each passing day and night, I fall more and more in love with this city.

Take for example, today. I went on a spontaneous walk with one of my soon-to-be coworkers, played some ping pong with a few german girls, and then sought out my Argentinian coworker to tell me where I could get some good pizza. Of course, the pizza restaurant was closed so instead I went to a café for a dulce de leche pastry instead {good trade off, ya?}. Then, wandering back I sauntered into a pharmacy, befriended the woman behind the counter, and learned the translation of every single makeup product there is. After the pharmacy I checked out a gym {nothing like the ones in the US mind you} and since I was the only one there, I ended up sitting down and taking a maté with the owner and employee {and consequently, got a job …just in case Millhouse doesn’t workout, but let’s be real, I love it too much to think of leaving}.

{The Job}

I work nights in the Milhouse bar {you can find me there from 8pm-2am…come visit!}. I didnt think I would love it as much as I am! My spanish is SKYROCKETING, as I converse with coworkers, the cooks, club promoters, and guests in the language, and have learned to use our bar computer system {which is -obviously- in spanish}. Every night I meet groups of foreigners from all. over. the. world. Its really amazing chatting with people to find out where theyve been, what their travel plans are, and just to hear their life outlooks in general.

{The People}

My coworkers are foreigners from all over South America, who have landed here because they either a) taking a break in between travels; b) fell so in love with Cusco they couldnt leave; or c) werent ready to leave SA, knew nothing was waiting for them at home, and acted on a crazy spontaneous adrenaline rush {oh wait, thats just me!} .

Theres Jess {the Milhouse manager} from BsAs, Argentina; Julio and Davied from Brazil; Paula and Sergio de Argentina; Julia from Austria; Sebastien and Claudia from Chile; and Nahuel of Uruguay.

We work about three a night, more depending on how busy it is. The best is weekends when theres tons of people from all over the world, and after we close up the bar, we all go out together.

Ive only been here one week and I feel like I know everyone in this city. Ive learned the social scene is very tight knit, and that word travels FAST. For example, by the second day of work, I realized everyone already knew my name regardless of whether I had met them yet or not {thanks to both a Milhouse email blast and word of mouth}. By the 3rd night I had met 3 promoters, and realized that meeting 1 of them also led to meeting their entire staff, friends, and regulars. Considering Im already bad with names, Ive had multiple embarassing encounters where I just stare blankly at the person who approaches me. I blame it on being a foreigner and not speaking the language.

{The accomodations}

I share a room with Nahuel {Uruguay} and Davied {Brazil}, Accomodations are tight, but we all get along well and share the space without any problems. We have a silent agreement that no one turns the lights on before noon, each person gets to use 2 of the huge storage lockers, age/sex is irrelevant {were all on a level playing field, working the same job, in the same situation}, and no one is allowed to pass judgement on the others actions. Its a pretty sweet setup, and Im excited because were supposed to have someone else move in soon…and I cant wait to see who!

Im off to the store now to buy some ingredients for quinoa soup {Ive decided its beyond time to start cooking}, and hopefully find a tasty donut along the way. More to come soon, but until then xoxBESOSxox my beautiful gente

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