Friday, Friday {I’m in love}


Fridays are the best. Always have been, always will be. And although it marks the beginning of the “toughest” three days of my job, I’m still in love with Friday. {Toughest appropriately marked with quotes, because my job feels like more play than work}

Anyways, last night I got under my covers around 11pm and snugged with my Argentinian elefantes while watching “Something Borrowed.” I was tempted multiple times to walk upstairs to the bar cuz it sounded so fun, but I pulled myself out of my FOMO {that means “Fear Of Missing Out” ma & pops}, took off my makeup, put on my fuzzy alpaca calcetínes and settled into my sleeper.


my warm fuzzies

So hence I awoke this lovely Friday morning, after a much needed ten hours of sleep. After waking, I packed a bag equipped with bikini, towel, and toiletries, and headed across the street to Calle Quera’s sauna. It was my first time going, after endless recommendations. For 30 soles, you get to use their jacuzzi, eucalyptus steam room,  dry sauna, and showers. I needed a little pick-me-up after some boy drama, so it was the perfect way to detox and renew myself for life’s little challenges {and dumb people}.

After, I figured I’d pay a visit to my friends over at Jack’s Café {literally the best restaurant on this entire earth. and no, sorry, its not really authentic peruvian food…at all}I ordered té helado de jengibre {an impossible word to pronounce}, a ginger iced tea I haven’t been able to resist since first trying it and the tuscan soup {to help battle a sore throat}.


DSC03421I arrived at an unusual time, around 4pm, so the restaurant wasn’t too crowded {unusual for Jack’s!}.  As I waited for my food, I chatted with my moso Paolo*, and read some magazines where I found this excerpt from a Lena Dunham interview I just thought was pretty funny and had to share.




As time passed, more people filtered in, crowding the ever-popular café. Since the place is usually bustling with both travelers and locals,  often guests are seated at tables with strangers. Such was the case today, when Marcy -a spunky, adventurous costume designer from LA- sat down at my teeny table para tomar un café.

What followed was one of the best conversations I’ve had since beginning my travels.

Her outlook on life and people and traveling was invigorating and very in tune with my own sentiments. We discussed differences between North and South American cultures, the children {they’re so much cuter here…es la verdad}, and our past & future travel plans.

In the midst of our conversation, she hopped up from her seat to snap a photo of a man’s hat who I hadn’t even noticed  pass by the window. She explained to me her love of textiles, designs, and international dress, and how she made her love into her career as a costume designer/supervisor in LA. Her last project was Argo, so next time you check out Ben Affleck’s suited-up bod, you can think of my friend, Marcy!

After saying goodbye to Marcy and Paolo, I left the restaurant only to run into Marco*, Jack’s most “well-known” waiter (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). He was with two friends: a couple, both parts my age, the girl from Cusco and the boy from England. They were discussing the hostel they just opened, and how to advertise. It blew me away that a couple my age had just opened their own hostel {and sparked a little fire inside me, but I’m not sure of what!}. After they left, I lingered to chat with Marco, who then invited me to go salsa dancing Sunday evening. I accepted {OBVIOUSLYIACCEPTEDITSMARCO!}

I was so giddy, I practically skipped back to Milhouse. Of course I can’t hold anything in {if you know me, you know I have a reallyyyyy hard time hiding my emotions}, so I told my coworker and bff here ASAP. His reaction: “Oooohhh con Marco?!! Chicaaaaa…” See, like I said before, everyone knows everyone. Then my coworker told everyone at work to ask me why I was so happy, and now everyone knows I have a date Sunday because…….well, because I told everyone.

Nahuel & Paula salut-ing to my buena suerte

salut-ing to my buena suerte

Now it’s off to work to organize a BP tournament for the night. Unfortunately, I will be playing and consequently making a fool out of myself in front of the entire bar. I don’t understand why we can’t just do flip cup tournaments..

Ciao ciao for now xxxBESOSxxx

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