Only Hate the Road When You’re Missin’ Home

so, it’s FREEZING HERE. Like actually……the pet shop is gonna start selling penguins pretty soon. I’m buried under my covers, wearing 3 alpaca sweaters, and eating cookies for dinner because there’s no way I’m leaving my bed. {Side note: Peruvian packaging sucks. They individually wrap each cookie. So not only can you not mindlessly munch because you have to unwrap each freaking cookie, but then you have to watch the pile of wrappers build up next to you. And then you have to stare at them and get to feel all guilty for being such a gordita.}

k so before I continue: **Disclaimer** A few tears were shed during the production of this post. For now, I’ll blame it on the fact there’s seven cookie wrappers next to me.

Since being indoors all day,  I’ve begun to read back on the journal I’ve been keeping during my time down here {in Antarctica}. It’s basically the more personal  moments that I haven’t blogged, but still wanted to remember. Stuff like the time my BsAs roomies and I spent hours in a random pizzeria, talking about our pasts and futures…….or how Chrisman waited for me with 3 empanadas because he knew I’d be late getting to the airport…….or like my entire account of how I fell in love in Buenos Aires…….or even the funny/awkward first encounters with my co-workers in Cusco and the adventurous nights that have followed.

But throughout my whole journal, no matter how exciting the day or how crazy the night, there is one re-occurring theme that every so often pops up. And that theme is how much i miss my amazing friend and family back home.


Especially when traveling solo, there are so many things I want to share with certain people. Maxine I can just imagine intensely conversing in spanish about culture or politics with one of the many sudamericans passing through Cusco; Amanda and Gines would die laughing at the ridiculous-looking llamas running around {and Paige would shamelessly imitate them}; Maddie and I would head back to Mercado San Pedro to finally try the cerveza-juice everyone talks about; Amy would danceeeeeee the night away at Temple like old times in Razzmatazz; Lauren would be wandering around one of the boutique mercados, buying up the entire place and then have to figure out how to fit it all in her suitcase; and Kayla and Sara {well, if those two wanderitas ever get back from Asia} would probably spend the entire day running around San Blas and then come back with like five new friends.

Image 2Thank goodness the 21st century has multiple cures for homesickness : skype, facetime, viber, chat, etc {and instagram to keep me completely enwrapped in Kayla and Sar’s incredible adventures in Asia}.

I believe homesickness is a bittersweet illness; because at the bottom of that lonely/nostalgic feeling is gratitude –gratitude for having such amazing friends that allow you the capacity to miss them. And it makes me remember I have something –or more like 9 someones— to look forward going back to.

And although I’ve freaked my family out a little bit by leaving for South America, to do God knows what here, they are so supportive and proud of where{ever} I’m going. My graduation day with both of my parents was one of the best days of my life……the irony that days later I said “Adíos!” and left for Argentina. I am such a daddy’s girl and it’s been so hard not being able to have our weekly Burgers&Brew dates we used to as a way to catch up on eachother’s going-ons {……more like I talked the entire time as he ate his burger, fries, then started in on mine}. And I’m imagining how happy my brother must be, being the only one to hog my mom’s cooking, warm hugs, and huge laugh as I travel thousands of miles away. Man, I miss them all so much, and love ’em that much more!

Image 3

“Love; it will not betray you, dismay you, or enslave you, it will set you free. Be more like the man you were made to be”

6 thoughts on “Only Hate the Road When You’re Missin’ Home

    • The Wanderita says:

      you are so right Jess! I’m eating it up as much as I can. I know everyone/everything will still be there when I get back 🙂

    • The Wanderita says:

      I think so! Just because now I’m traveling alone and so much more dependent on myself. Im having the time of my LIFE, but ya i def get more homesick than when I was in spain! I’ll keep blogging……..and I’ll continue stalking yours as well like always 🙂

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