You’ve Got Mail

I gotta carta, I gotta carta, I gotta carta, hey, heY, hEY, HEY!!!!!

Gabriel safely made it back to Brazil and sent this back. Gabriel, you are already missed and I wish we had had more time to hang out! Oh and, Ai Seu Te Pego {the only Portuguese I know}. Oh andddddd also, google translate isn’t always you’re friend but otherwise, well done!

Dear Raechael {author’s note: close enough….},

I couldn’t measure how  I’d love meet you and spend these last two days with you! You’re awesome and I really want to see you again (even knowing that we are too far away). Definitely you were the best thing that happened in this 20 days trip that I done. Thank you very, very, very much for everything! I wish I could met you before and eat more falafels with you! {author’s note again: ohmygod me toooooo} I’m very sad because you didn’t did the rain dance correctly this time to borrar my flight again! I know that I said that a few times, but once more: YOU ARE FUCKIN’ AWESOME! email me whenever you want.

Lovely abrazos,
One of the sweetest letters I’ve ever received! Or just nicest thing said to me in general. Maybe I can make it so I have a layover in Rio and stuff him into my suitcase 🙂 {sound good, Gabriel?}
I love hearing from my friends, whether be it new or old, so please e-mail/skype/snapchat me whenever
~un GRAN abrazo~

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