“Hi, I’m Rachael. I’m 22, single, and unemployed….”

At the beginning of August, before Maddie and I began our 4-day ascent up Machu Picchu, our trek guide asked us to introduce ourselves to the group. Each person needed to present their name, age, marital status, and occupation.

By this point, I already had the bartending position lined up at Milhouse, so my response was somewhat interesting. When it came to Maddie’s turn though, everyone, including Maddie, couldn’t help but laugh when she said: “Hi…I’m Maddie! I’m 21, uh, single……and unemployed.” Her response and the way she said it were so funny, that it became the joke for the rest of the trip. When our new friend, Sari, joined the group, Andy –one of our Swiss teammates– rushed to introduce Maddie: “well, this is Maddie. She’s ummm….oh ya! Single and unemployed!” {Congrats to my girl Mads though because just yesterday she started her first day of REAL WOMAN work at a property management firm back in Cali!}

Well NOW those three aspects of MY life are hanging in the balance: I just turned 22, I’m singleish, and freshly kicked out of work {oh, you didn’t read about that drama? Check it out here}. Here’s how it’s all going, and where I’m going….


The Un-Employed LIfe

Sunday night, after being fired, my co-workers returned to my room after getting off work. Through selective word choice, I could tell no one was too thrilled I’d been kicked out of the job. So, to “mourn” my dismissal, the two ring leaders –Nahuel and Davied– decided it would be a good idea to a) drag my pajama-clad self out of bed, get dressed, and go to Temple club, b) demand I receive free drinks all night, and c) introduce me to their two new surfer friends {Davied’s word choice exactly: these two are like my cousins. Very good people, they’re surfers…..and, Rachael…..they’re Brazilian}. All in all, that night was a very good night –I was treated like Incan royalty, hung out with some pretty cool Brazilians {asinthemostbeautifulhumanbeingsIveeverseen}, and, as I said in my last blog post, learned I could hold my own in a spanish spat! Below are some pics of the good times I’ve had & the beautiful people I’ve met at Milhouse!



The Singleish Life

I say singleish because the dating world in South American is out of control, and now that I’m out of the bar aka limelight, I am ready to take a break. I’ve met them all here: the good, the bad, and the ugly {but mostly, the beautiful….seriously ladies, get down here. There’s plenty to share}. But BOY do these boys like DRAMA. Mostly all conveniently forget to tell you about their girlfriends during your lunch date, some assume that dating the bartender means discounted drinks, and all are very possessive –and that stuff just ain’t gonna fly in Rachael World.

So, I’ve spent the past two days enjoying MUCH needed girl time with my dear friends Julia and Chiara. {they both have amazing photo blogs. Take a look at Chiara’s tumblr here & then click here to head over to Julia’s travel blog} Chiara and I have moved across town to the San Blas district, where I have my own room with a TV, a queen size bed all for meeeee, and an AMAZING view of Cusco’s hills. During the day, the girls and I have lunched on sushi at Bambu, cuddled with my friend Alex’s calico kitten {his name: Señor Mittens!}, indulged in brownies at Jack’s Café, happy-houred at Fallen Angel, and gone custom-dress shopping at Hilo.



It has been the most amazing, relaxing past two days, completely void of any/all boys I’ve met here. And what a good time for such a cleanse becauseeeeeee, next Tuesday, Chiara and I will be off to BUENOS AIRES ….and, if you know me, you already know there’s a certain someone waiting over there who is worth my time.

So, that’s where my life stands now, and how it’s all changing very rapidly. More to come soon! Besos a todos xox

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