Wander{ita} Want{to}do List #1

I leave Monday on the night bus to Lima, in order to catch an early afternoon flight to Bs As. This gives me only 96 more hours –and counting– to enjoy this city I’ve so intensely fallen in love with. So, I’ve compiled the following list to focus my ever-sparratic mind. Within the next four days I, Rachael, promise myself, the Wanderita, to accomplish the following:

#1 Get drunk solely off Pisco Sours

I think I made over 200 Pisco Sours during my month bartending. However never once did I try one of my own. The feedback I got from each Pisco’s consumer, however, has me believing my pisco-sour-making abilities rival that of any native Peruvian himself! So, now it’s my turn to drink. For one full night this weekend, I will order nothing but Pisco Sours until I’m fuzzy-brained and clumsy-footed. {Mom, Dad: it’s a cultural experience. I’m just really trying to immerse myself in the customs of each place I visit…just like you told me to}

PS – A Pisco Sour is 1 egg white, 1 oz lemon juice, 1 oz Jarabe, and 3 oz Pisco added to crushed ice (some places make it with just 2 oz Pisco. Avoid those places). ShakeShakeShake, pour, then add a splash of Amargo (bitters).

#2 Buy more furry pants

They sell these pants here, with cute tribal patterns on the outside and furry lining on the inside. Basically they’re undercover pajamas: they fittingly cling to my legs to make me all toned-looking (despite all that dulce de leche), add so much color to every outfit, yet really ….they’re just the bottom half of a onesie in disguise.

Every time I wear mine, I choose one of the colors in the pattern to match the rest of my outfit to. For example, today I woke up feeling earthier than normal and matched my chunky, woven beige sweater to the pants’ reindeer (erhm, alpacas? naked mole rats? still not sure what they are). Then I went to San Blas to hang with my hippies. BUT just a few nights ago, I was able to throw on my black button-up to saucy up the pants, and met up with friends at Milhouse bar. Who’dve thunk tribal pants with undetermined animal print could be so versatile? Hence why I need more….

#3 Eat alpaca

So I’ve already eaten it like 8 times here, but it’s SO good, I MUST have more.

#4 Find a nice girl for Nahuel 

My former roommate, Nahuel, is the best guy I’ve met down here: he’s funny, generous, so nice, and so cute! So, it really bums me out that he always plays wingman when we go out, instead of getting a girl himself. He’s probably the reason Davied’s dated half the people he has….while Nahuel walks away solo! So, before I leave, I want to find him a cute, smart, witty, charming girl –preferably around 5’7″, blonde, of athletic-build, and spanish-speaking (or portuguese…I think he can understand a little of that too). If you happen to be reading this, fit the description, are emotionally available, and within the greater-Cusco region, send me a message and then I’ll set up the rest, no problemo!! Just call me Señorita Matchmaker.

#5 Buy lunch for the father & son on Calle Santa Clara

#6 Kidnap Alexandra & Juan Antonio

The owners where I live have the 2 most precious children, Alexandra and Juan Antonio. Usually I’m a firm believer that children in general –like their entire kind and all– are the absolutely worst. Hence why I never was one, and why I will never have them. But, for some reason these two have stolen my heart. My new backpack has space for up to 70 liters (I had to buy it after my suitcase broke), so I think if I pack strategically, I’ll be able to fit both in to bring back to Buenos Aires with me 🙂

#7 Buy socks (ones without holes)

#8 Expose at least 5 Peruvian friends to the beauty of Kreayshawn

I´m still not satisfied with how little I´ve pushed my music snobbery in this country. The Cataracs didn´t go over very well, but maybe my girl KrayKray has enough sass to stick.

#9 Donate clothing to Julia’s project

My friend Julia collects traveller´s unwanted, yet perfectly good conditioned, clothing and other items to donate to Cusco´s children. Backpacking makes you aware of which items you need and which just take up space, so there´s lots of travellers who leave their less-necessary items behind. Julia finds a place for them. Flying into Buenos Aires spring, I have no need for some of the bulky sweaters I packed for June´s BA winter. So before I leave, these clothes will find a new home in someone´s wardrobe ..with a greater need for them than my own.

and #10…………Eat cuy

I’m only putting this here to seem culturally-accepting and open to new experiences. Really, there’s no way I’m actually ingesting this rodent –be it roasted, fried, or otherwise. But it’s a Cusco “must-do” so it makes it on the list….just not in my mouth.

T-96 hours. Listo?….LETS GO

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