What’s New, Buenos Aires?!? I’M NEW…ish, Buenos Aires!

Only 3 days in this INCREDIBLE city, and I’ve managed to conquer the following:

{Eat 3 churripan}


{Get lots of $$$ via-blue market rates}

{Become facebook friends with my cab driver}

{Witness another infamous Bs As protest}


{Get pathetically ripped-off by a different cabby …..and ditched in the middle of nowhere}

{Get miserably lost, without any dinero, for 4 hours ….following the taxi driver incident}

{Convince a metro worker to let me ride the subte for free ……when I was lost without money}

{Attend a private concert viewing}


{Polish off 2 Malbecs}

{Celebrate September’s full moon @ midnight at the BA planetarium}


{Become besties with 2 potential neighbors, from here & Brazil}

{E-mail out 6 resumes –including graffiti tour guide…siiiiiik}


{Schedule 2 apartment visits}

{Develop a first-name basis with the waiter at the corner café –medialunas, yo}

{Buy innapropriate amounts of dulce de leche postres}


Off to another adventure now….I can’t wait to update more! Besos a todos xox

{PS – the blog post title is a reference to the film Evita if you didn’t catch it! Great film, go watch!}

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