How to: Your Rainy Day in Buenos Aires

Buenos días, linda! It’s another day in the beautiful, bustling city of Buenos Aires, and –rain or shine– you’ve got an adventurous day ahead of you.


Here’s what’s going to happen:

First, you’ll hastily get dressed so you’re not late for your breakfast date with your new Argentinian friend. You’ll show up at the café to be happily and shockingly surprised to see his two younger sisters, mom, and grandmother there. You won’t understand a lick of his grandmother’s spanish, but you’ll get along so well with his younger sisters that later, the 4-year-old will make you a crown in honor of the first day of spring that says “Princesa de la primavera.”

Then, after the 8-year-old has defeated you over six times playing video games, you’ll decide it’s time to go home. You’ll catch the Subte closest to their house –the red line– which you’ve never taken before. So, of course, you’ll get lost.

And then it’ll start to rain.


However, you’ll spot the obelisk and navigate your way from Avenida Nuevo de Julio over to Avenida de Mayo, and back to your hostel. You’ll take a well-deserved break and paint your nails your new OPI Dulce de Leche color in honor of Argentina’s favorite dessert.

You’ll want to fall asleep, but won’t want to waste a single second of your time in Bs As. So you’ll pack up your computer and head out the door to find a café to get some amazing coffee. On your way to the café, you’ll see Argentina’s soccer team evacuating a very fancy RV-type-thing and funneling into a posh hotel. You’ll be really flattered when they whistle at you and continue with some more piropos (and you’ll realize that if all else fails, you can marry rich in Argentina).

After spending a few hours writing in your journal, downloading new music, and sipping café con leche, you’ll leave and get over to your usual café to eat some pasta (because you’re REALLY hungry). Since you go there so often, they show their appreciation by sticking an American flag in your dish. And then the weird waiter will ask you on a date, and you’ll awkwardly lie about having a “prometido.”


It’s 7 pm, so you’ll go back to your hostel to get ready for your date. Your new friend, who conveniently happens to be a makeup artist, will do your makeup (subtle, yet still gorgeous…thanks Chiara!). Then you’ll run around trying to find your mittens for five minutes before deciding that being on time is probably more worth it than finding your other stupid glove. You’ll run downstairs ten minutes too late, feeling relieved when you realize your date hasn’t arrived yet.

10 minutes later, you’re afraid you’ve been stood up. But then! the security guard will tell you someone’s waiting for you outside. He’ll give you a really corny wink as you skip out the door.

You and Matias will then take the colectivo from Avenida de Mayo to the Palermo neighborhood, on route to a dance showcase he’s invited you to. You’ll get off the bus and walk over to what you think is a house, but turns out to be the theatre. There, you’ll watch, Sopla, one of the best performances you’ve EVER had the pleasure of attending.

After the performance, you’ll awkwardly stand off to the side as Matias converses with the directors and dancers, all of which are his friends. Ten minutes later, you’ll leave and walk to your dinner destination, talking the whole time about how good the danza was –and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how many spanish words you know to describe the dance and dancers.

After dinner {which was a very delicious Milenesa} he’ll flag down a cab to take you back to your hostel. During the 20-minute cab ride, you, Matias, and the taxista will get into a really intense conversation about philosophy and the universe and life. You’ll feel like your head is about to explode. The conversation doesn’t end satisfactorily by the time the 3 of you reach your hostel, so you’ll all make plans to meet up for coffee later in the week to finish the discussion.

Matias will accompany you to the door, in true gentleman fashion, and then after a buenas noches, you’ll scamper inside to escape the rain.

You’ll fall asleep…….knowing that you’ll get to wake up the next day, and live another Buenos Aires experience all over again.

…..You lucky linda you. xox besos

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