Hilo: A Spool-full of Sugar in Cusco

Nestled in Cusco’s bohemian San Blas neighborhood, a small boutique bursts at the seams with some of the sweetest, most distinctively beautiful clothing I’ve laid eyes on. Chiara and I happened upon the shop, named Hilo {spanish for thread}, while wandering the streets after moving hostels. 


Chiara was on the prowl for a tango dress, and oh. my. heavens. did Hilo have it! A sheer, ankle-sweeping, black dress, with a simple V-neck and gleaming buttons lining the front, caught her eye {and, mine too, but she’d already called dibs}. Eibhlin, the boutique owner, observed the dress after Chiara tried it on, and made suggestions on where to take it in and let it out, for it to perfectly fit the bod of my fabulous friend. At no extra cost, Eibhlin customly crafted Chiara’s dream tango dress.

We went back a few times after the first fitting, and each time, my eye was drawn to a different dress in the shop. Although I was urged many times by Chiara to try something on, I knew it would be too dangerous {once I started, I’d end up walking out with, por lo menos, three dresses}.


Eibhlin characterized her clothing best in her own words: as pieces each with their own “aesthetic attitude” made from “buttons, lace, hooks and ribbons, all combined in spontaneous ways.” Her perspective on designing explains the individuality of each piece: “I usually set out sewing pieces of fabric together without any specific result in sight and somewhere within the creative play, the piece emerges, with its own story, as wearable art.”


The boutique doubles as her workshop, so with each visit, it’s like I received a behind-the-scenes look on what goes in to creating each skirt, blouse, or dress.


What I’m trying to say is, when you get to Cusco, I suggest fulfilling your shopping cravings at 260 Carmen Alto in San Blas. I have no doubt you’ll find plenty of beautiful pieces…. and all that’ll provide a nice contrast to the alpaca sweaters in your suitcase.

xox Besitoss

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