What I Would Put On My Resumé {if employers could handle it…and LinkedIn didn’t censor}

This morning I woke up to a bombardment of e-mails from LinkedIn, demanding I improve my pathetic profile. Recently, I have grown prone to hitting “spam” whenever I see e-mails referring to the job hunt. Maybe it’s because I’m still resentful of when that “professional” head shot photographer told me I wasn’t being “serious” enough. However this morning I felt different…more mature… and I decided to grow up. I let out a long, whiny, stubborn sigh; admitted after a short temper-tantrum that I should listen to LinkedIn; and logged on to update the thing.

I added past jobs, internships, and awards; I posted what classes I’d taken in college; where I studied; even ACTIVITIES I had participated in, in my oh-so-distant past. If you’re interested, you can check it out hereeeee….


I suggest you don’t. Because it’s boring. And just like every other recent college grad’s. I mean, besides certain words and internships replaced for others, I bet it looks identical to yours. It got me thinking: if I could actually write down all I’ve learned in life –even just all I’ve learned traveling– on my resumé, it would be so much more impressive, so much more genuine, and interesting then what I post on my actual LinkedIn account.

Image{the “failed” headshots. Next time I’ll just pay someone money to take my picture & tell me I’m pretty}

So, with the aid of 3 cups of coffee, my left brain and right brain united and had the love child that is my South American Wander{ita} resumé. I think you will find it much more cohesive and in line with my ambitions than that LinkedIn profile.



So now that I have a bit more faith in my capabilities, I’m off to apply for some jobs…..and guess what resumé I’ll be sending in?

Besitos, my intelligent gente

Image 1

8 thoughts on “What I Would Put On My Resumé {if employers could handle it…and LinkedIn didn’t censor}

  1. travelosopher says:

    Far superior to anything I’ve ever seen on LinkedIn. You’ve clearly been well educated and show an impressive talent for applying your education. Resourceful, I’d say. So. If *I* got to vote … 🙂 (It’s only fair to say that I have a terrifically unenthusiastic presence there. Ha.)

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