Bolivia Comes to Buenos Aires

Saturday I was walking through BA’s El Centro when the sound of banging symbols and shouting crowds caught my attention from a few blocks away. After meandering my way through the downtown streets, I reached Avenida 9 de Julio and ended up right SMACK in the middle of the Parada Boliviana {Bolivian street parade}. It completely threw me back to my days in Cusco, where the colors/fabrics of the traditional dress are reminiscent of the costumes donned by yesterday’s street performers {I even spotted someone wearing the same furry pants I became obsessed with while in Peru!}. I ended up ditching all my other errands to hang out amongst the crowd for a few hours, snap photos, and make friends.

DSC03366{the pack I stumbled upon as I approached the parade}

DSC03349{decided to enter myself into the procession to get a head-on picture –I think I fit in allright…}

DSC03361{Reminded me of tres leches cake…I had to scurry on before I bit into one of the costumes}

DSC03365{lovely ladies –you can tell Señorita Second-from-the-right is really diggin me}

DSC03374{Bolivia’s version of the ‘blue man group’ jajaj}

DSC03379{so star-struck I just HAD to meet the performers}

DSC03355{by far my favorite performance}

DSC03360{the day would not have been complete without indulging in some Bolivian salteñas at the end}

Just goes to show why you should keep a camera with you at all times {well, only if you’re as skilled as I am at keeping track of your personal belongings in swarming packs of people…otherwise, forget it, cuz it’ll be snatched from your purse or pocket faster than you can say empanada}

Apparently, this parade takes place annually. If you’re interested to see more, check out the My Beautiful Air blog for amazing pictures from other years! Anyways, that’s all for today…more posts && pictures to come soon on this weekend’s interesting events. Like always, I’ve managed to find myself in the most peculiar of situations. But for now, buenas noches y besitossss

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