My First Place {{Bs As}}

I moved into my first “official” apartment in Buenos Aires this weekend. Here’s some pics of my new bedroom, in an amazing house in Palermo. The space is owned by an artist, and shared by five others, including myself. I wanted to photograph the entire place, but it was just too much beauty for one post! I’m sure as the weeks go on, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this beautiful house as I post pictures of movie nights in the salon and summer asados on our terraza.

DSC03538{the amazing Victorian-style double doors to my room}

DSC03525{my always overly-clustered bed piled with excessive amounts of pillows & blankets}

DSC03541{working girl needs her working space}

DSC03544{home office with all the fix ins –ps, go pick up a copy of OhLaLa! today. without a doubt, the best magazine I’ve read}

DSC03529{loving the use of exotic materials on these paintings}

DSC03515{MASSIVE closet…looks like I’ll need to get some new clothes to help fill it!}

Off to bed now ….I can’t wait!! xox besitossss

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