Feeling Chez Moi @ Casa Mua

I’ve been desperately seeking salad the past few weeks. In California, we are absolutely spoiled with easy access to fresh produce, spicy sauces, and any salad accessory you’d ever desire. At the same time, restaurants serving creative and delicious salads are in abundance.

Here….not so much. Although I recently found a great organic market and Palermo’s streets abound with produce stands, finding all the other fixins’ to make a fancy shmancy salad in only a matter of minutes is not so easy.

I thought I’d try to get my fix at restaurants or cafés but, once again, I’d have no luck. The plates that passably rank as “salads” in the cartas are usually nothing more than bland lettuce topped with shredded carrots and cheese, accompanied with olive oil and balsamic {to add at least a little flavor to the vegetables}. But when my roommate suggested we try a new café a few streets away….I once again found myself in that comfortably familiar  vegetable food coma.


Chez Mau is a bruncher’s heaven: take a seat at one of the petit white tables, with pillow-plushed seats, lining the sidewalk and order your choice of the Nueva York breakfast bagel option, granola trifle, or savory tartine, all while the smell of baking pastries wafts in the air.

We ordered dessert first {after all, you never know when that comet will hit}. Within ten minutes, Gen and I had devoured the chocotorta they served. This was followed by an order of two salads –mine, a chicken-corn-carrot-parmesan mixture atop a bed of AMAZING arugula, and served  with a criss-crossed drizzle of fresh pesto.  The roomie ordered the tuna salad, which boasted hard-boiled eggs, carrots, tomatoes, all atop a crisp bed of lettuce. For customers like my animal-friendly amiga, they have lots of selections including, a lentil-loaded hamburger, veggie pasta options, & meat-free salads….or just do what I know you really want to, and order one of their many pastries {guaranteed meat free and delicious!}. I can’t tell you how the coffee was, as they forgot to bring me my café con leche {but still charged me…their only downfall}, but I can highly recommend the ginger-mint lemonade and chocotorta, to finish it all off {or star.



Although we chose to sit outside on the sidewalk, the inside is overbearingly adorable. High ceilings shelter this urban-chic cottage.  Colorful ribbons hang from every nook and strewn-about children’s toys add a playful pizzazz to the quaintly endearing white-washed counter and pale blue decorations.

For Buenos Aires, it’s “pricey” {70-something pesos for a salad; 40-something for a pastry}. But if you crave a GOOD, FRESH, NUTRITIOUS meal that will throw you back to brunch on a foggy SF morning, THIS IS YOUR SPOT.

Find Casa Mua at Soler 4202, Palermo

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