Gorriti: You’ve Got What A Foodie Needs

♪ ♫ Oh babay youuuu, you’ve got what I need.  But you say he’s just a friend, you say he’s just a friend…OH BAB BAY YOUUUU ♫ ♪
For any Palermo-ite, you know Calle Gorriti {pronounced Cay-jjjjay Gore-eat-eeis more than just a friend.  Calle Gorriti satisfies your every craving; your every want; every lust, longing, yearning. If you’re Buenos-Aires-bound anytime soon, scribble down the street name Calle Gorriti in your planner so you can nom your way to pure bliss when your in town. Start your weekend morning  on the corner of Scalabrini & Gorriti at 10 AM and fulfill your every desire. Let’s begin.

First you’ll start at the corner of Gorriti & Malabia, and walk into the Parisian paradise that is COCU boulangerie. Try your best to fake a French accent as you place your order with one of the adorable French servers waiting attentively behind the counter.  It’s early (for Argentine standards) so you’ll want to start your day strong. I suggest the café con leche and a pan du chocolat.  Trust me. No one does either better than these Frenchies.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.50.38 PM

While you wait for your coffee, feel free to steal multiple glances at the delectable bakers, all decked out in old fashioned suspenders as they intently and skillfully knead dough amidst the café’s hustle and bustle.  There’s more than likely a short queue at the cash register, and the servers are so cute they may jumble your order, but if you politely remind them you asked for a croissant con jamon and not a sandwich, they’ll politely hurry to fix the err.

After you’ve had your caffeine and sugar fix, you’ll need to settle your stomach with some probiotics. That’s when you walk a few paces down and find yourself at Top It! Frozen Yogurt. If you’re feeling healthy, get the swirled selection. If not, go for the natural flavor and top it up to your hungry heart’s desire with mantecol, oreo, y chocolate.


Take a seat at one of the high tables with the girls, and nom on your delectable froYo. You’ll spend so much time chatting and giggling with the friendly servers behind the counter, that you won’t realize how much time has gone by. You check your reloj –it’s 2pm!

2pm means it’s lunchtime, so you’re off across the street to Ninina Bakery to lounge and refuel.

Upon stepping foot in Ninina’s bright, fresh, and airy atmosphere, the first thing that will catch your eye will be the wall of windows looking in to the kitchen. You’ll zoom straight to the far table, take a seat, and press your face up to the glass as you watch baker’s fuss over fresh bread, cooks perfect each waffle’s presentation, and servers milling in and out to keep up with orders. Start off with un jugo de zanahoria, naranja, y jengibre. The juice is a miracle medicine and will perk your senses to be fully alert and ready to enjoy the meal to come.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.52.24 PM

You can’t go wrong ordering from Ninina’s menu. If you’re more in the breakfast mood, the granola casera will be unlike any you’ve tasted. But then again, how could you skip their lunch menu or their sandwich de pollo de granja al horno? It’s all too tempting.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.23.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.52.35 PM

After enjoying your meal, you’ll feel very at ease amongst the constant murmur of conversation and espresso machines. The staff is in no rush to swish you out the door, so feel free to bring a good book, good music, good friends, and relax in the airy, open atmosphere.

Then, once 5 o’clock rolls around, you’re out the door again to go get drinks at La Fábrica del Taco –Buenos Aires’ best (and only!) taco joint. How lucky you are that it’s just a few steps away at this point. Indulge in a margarita de frutilla. . . or two. . .or a full pitcher! Ask them to rim your glass with salt instead of sugar, and let the cool contrast of the chunky salt and sweet strawberry crash together against your tastebuds.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.50.49 PMAnd don’t even think of not ordering nachos with your marg! Once your hunger kicks up a few notches, order a Taco Pibe and Taco Castor (con queso).

Enjoy deliciously, my gente! And remember: dream in cupcakes.

COCU boulangerie: Malabia 1510, esquina Gorriti, web

Top It! Frozen Yogurt: Gorriti 4721, web

Ninina Bakery: Gorriti 4738, web

La Fábrica del Taco: Gorriti 5062, web

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