#SayHerName: Nia Wilson

Exactly 3 miles from where I sit right now, less than 48 hours ago. Outside your front door; outside mine. While we were comfortably kicking off our shoes, watching Netflix, listening to a podcast while cooking dinner at day’s end —

— Murder.

Nia Wilson was riding on BART with her sister when she was stabbed to the point of death. Nia, a young, black woman; the murderer, white male. Another black woman’s life sliding too silently underneath society’s dark, dirty blanket. Her death will be quiet, as news outlets won’t splash her name across headlines as they do others…Justine, Heather, Laci. It’s a phenomena and it is silent, but it is frequent. This incident is not an anomaly.

@FeministaJones collected the stories of 4 black women killed in the past 7 days as a result of senseless violence. Of those…

  • 27-year-old Sasha Garden murdered in Florida. Her body was found wounded and abandoned at 5am. I had to try multiple Google searches to locate this story. What does that say about how local authorities investigate the murder or how society treats her death, when I have to do multiple Google searches and even use ” ” to find out about what happened to Sasha Garden?
  • LaTonya Michelle Richards found with a head gunshot wound in a car. Authorities believe it was the result of a domestic dispute. Murdered cold-blooded by a man who at one point presumably loved her.

How many more innocent lives need to be lost to rally us to action? How much community pain will it take for us to force our eyes open?

Take action:

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