The Dignanis: Buenos Aires Scarf & Style Purveyors

In 2014, I became enamored with boutique scarf makers The Dignanis. Two sisters, Sol and Zule Dignani, combined their talents of PR and design to create the most bomba line of accessories — starting with scarves and expanding to wallets, clutches, notebooks, and bags. 

One half of The Dignanis in their showroom.

I wanted to interview them so bad for MyBeautifulAir but never got the chance before moving back to California. Buenos Aires’ style market is competitive and cutthroat, but I had faith they’d survive. Little did I know, they wouldn’t just survive but THRIVE.

Fast forward to 2018. Soap opera actresses now wear The Dignanis on daytime TV. Dua Lipa commissioned a personalized scarf by the sisters. Anthropologie scouted their prints to sell in their American chain. These sisters and their prints are a thing. The brand is a bomba and has taken off like the little rocket ships adorning their universo azulino scarf.


So of course the first thing I did when landing in Argentina this past November was book an appointment for their showroom. And believemeyou it was so hard to not buy up the whole place.

The Dignanis lay out their estampas (patterns) for me to take my pick (and pic).

Of course it’s not feasible to fly down to Buenos Aires everytime I want a new scarf. Lucky for me and all style hunters in the states, The Dignanis are expanding. An American hombre fell in love with The Dignanis on his vacation to BA and has set up an Etsy shop with the brand for purchase in the states. It’s been 4 years in the making but I can now have all The Dignanis, all the time.


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