My 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

I love this time of the year. I’ve made it past the holidays and have a happiness hangover (granted they went well); I’ve had a bit of a break from work and feel recharged; and there’s a bright and shiny new year ahead.

What I don’t love about this time of the year are the New Year’s Resolutions. Sometimes that bright & shiny new year ahead takes the form of an alternate reality: we imagine ourselves at the end of 2019 with different hair, different habits, and something expensive. Instead of embracing our current life, New Year’s Resolutions provoke us to remake it.

But the act of setting small goals is healthy and, if done properly, can lead to happiness without increasing stress. That’s why I’m following Zen Habit’s process of setting a focus, creating rituals, and adding structure, to accomplish what I want to in 2019.

Do as Ollie “The Floof” Puppy does: stop setting unrealistic expectations and just enjoy life.

Focus #1: Push myself physically

“Get in shape,” “exercise more,” or “lose 8 pounds” do not motivate me. If I were to “get in shape” or “lose 8 pounds,” it would be a bow to societal suppressions (see: Virgie Tovar & diet culture), rather than a personal health decision. Lbs and exercise goals simply don’t hold enough weight for me (*npi) and, knowing myself, I’d only end up defeated and disappointed upon failing to reach this arbitrary goal.

Instead, my focus this year is to push myself physically. I love to work out and have found 3 activities that fill me with joy: swimming, cycling, and running. The first two I incorporated this past year and decided to compete in my first sprint triathlon. The joy I felt from racing was so unique and I want to experience that again.

My ritual to support this focus is to compete in 3 sprint triathlons. And now to add some structure: I’ll find and sign up for 3 sprint triathlons, establish a training schedule, and invest in a bike & wetsuit.

At first, I contemplated making 2019 about graduating from the sprint triathlon to the olympic triathlon. My 2nd New Year’s Resolution makes it more clear why I am no longer doing that.

To recap:

My first New Year’s Resolution focus is to push myself physically.

More specifically, I want to compete in 3 sprint triathlons.

I plan to do this by: finding and enrolling in 3 sprint triathlons (although sign up for 1 at a time), follow an enjoyable training schedule, and invest in a bike & wetsuit.

Stay tuned for my 2nd NYR post!

*no pun intended

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