My 2nd New Year’s Resolution: Let Go

I’ve always put a premium on growth, hustle, and drive in my personal life. I always looked to build bigger, be faster and flatlined when I failed to live up to my expectations. Because of this there was no Wanderita, no half marathon, no 7-course dinner parties — if it wasn’t going to be perfect, I gave up.

Two things have led me to realize that good things are imperfect and take time: my yoga practice and my home. I’ve practiced yoga for 10 years. Each year, I develop more muscle memory and strength, grow deeper with my practice, and solidify it as a core part of my life. But it took 10 years of steady practice — not 2 months of quick dedication.

Similarly, I moved into an apartment with my partner at the beginning of 2018. Rather than buying furniture and decor all at once, we spent 1 year slowly purchasing pieces. Our home has transformed into something more beautiful, more cozy, and more us than I could have ever imagined.

So I’m taking growth, hustle, and drive out of my vocabulary. I’m replacing them with method, simplicity, and an overall goal of doing less. 

Although I want this to impact all aspects of my life, I’m setting a structure in specific areas so I can quantify this focus.

First and foremost, I want to let go of staying current. This means less news ingestion and less social media. I’ve signed up for the Sunday NYTs to limit my reading to once per week while satiating my need for news. Renouncing all my social media accounts is too extreme so instead I’m sticking to a 2-week social media detox each month.

Second, I want to let go of self improvement and instead live in self acceptance. This means structuring my goals so they’re not all-consuming. Writing in the morning, for example. This also means spending more time in a state of gratitude and with friends. Making more of an effort to spend time with friends, rather than spend that time on a self improvement project.

I believe these changes will lead me to make decisions based more wholly on what I want, than what I think I should want.

To recap:

My second New Year’s Focus is to let go.

More specifically, this means letting go of staying current and letting go of self improvement.

I plan to do this by: limiting my news intake, social media time, and self improvement project time. And by increasing and maximizing my time with friends.

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