What a Style Hunter Packs for Life Abroad

Nora is an American living and studying in Germany. Past travels (including a 2-year stint in Buenos Aires, where we met ✨) influenced her decision to pursue a masters in InterAmerican Studies at Bielefeld University.

She’s a world traveler, style hunter, and grad student. But just because she’s in school doesn’t mean her wardrobe suffers.

I’ve yet to see her compromise on style — despite living on a student budget and having limited space for clothing in her luggage. So I asked her to share how she looks fly and packs light for her move abroad, all while keeping it under budget.

Nora in Bielefeld, Germany

On what she’s wearing: 

“One-piece halter romper, sandals, hoop earrings, and fake eyelashes.

I bought the onesie romper on sale! It’s tied halter-style because I like showing off my back and having the ties hang… plus it’s easier to get on and off. The colors are super unique and it felt a bit 70’s style.”

On her personal style:

“I am the queen of hand-me-downs, so a lot of my clothes are from my friends or thrift stores. If it is a special occasion and I want something new, I normally shop on sale [at thrift stores].

Since I am from California, I usually wear more summery clothes, dresses, crop tops, sandals, etc.. which can be a problem living in Germany!

I am also very sporty, so you can probably find me in gym clothes 50% of the time.”

On how she gets dressed in the mornings: 

“Since I keep my closet relatively small, I don’t have too many options to choose from. I normally just grab something and go.”

On her favorite pieces of clothing: 

“I love my hand-me-downs from friends because I think of them every time I wear them! Also, a lot of times they are pieces I wouldn’t think about buying myself, so it inevitably expands my style and look, without really trying.

My current favorite piece is a crop top sweater I got from a thrift store. It’s warm but I love the crop top style with high-waisted jeans.”

On street style in Germany: 

“German street style is casual with an elegant twist. Most girls wear sneakers or cute tennies out, even to a club to go dancing because it is more comfortable.

Guys and girls wear tights pants with holes in the knees, ‘fashionable’ baseball caps, jean jackets, and mostly solid colors. I would say the style is pretty homogenous.

I stand out more because I don’t really wear ‘German’ style (except for sneakers, which I am a huge fan!).”

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