Artist, Nicole Irene Anderson

Describe your art:

My paintings depict complex environments where reality and the unexpected converge. Currently, I am making a series of works on paper where I combine painting and drawing media. My subject matter revolves around evocative, melancholic landscapes and enigmatic, figurative imagery. 

Photo courtesy of Nicole Irene Anderson

How did you begin as an artist? 

I started painting when I was around sixteen without any formal instruction. At nineteen I began studying art at a community college, and decided then that painting was what I wanted to fully pursue. But as most serious artist know, art isn’t something you choose to do; it chooses you.

What’s your favorite morning routine?

I start the day with what I call “the morning stare down”. With a coffee-filled thermos in the left hand, and a sketchbook and pencil in the other, I stare at the painting I will be working on that day and asses what I might want to change or add. Usually this is when I have my big ideas.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Irene Anderson

What is your favorite thing about making your art? 

One of the most satisfying experiences is finishing a hard-fought painting, and being surprised by the result. 

Personal motto?

“Creativity takes courage” -Henri Matisse

Check out Nicole Irene Anderson’s upcoming exhibit, November 22nd, at the Museum of Sonoma County.

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