Secondhand Boutique Owners, Lara & Julieta

Buenos Aires is a style haven. Dozens of haute couture shops line the avenues of Recoleta and Palermo, beckoning envious onlookers to enter and let our fingers graze the tailored-to-you outfits we’ll never afford.

A rung lower come the high fashion houses: the likes of María Cher and Las Pepas. Still expensive, but in that it’s-my-birthday-week kind of way.

But what about the more affordable options; for us shoppers who want to look good and, well, not spend our month’s rent on a good outfit?

Enter Bunker Buenos Aires, a secondhand store created and managed by two porteña fashionistas fed up with high prices. I chatted with them about what inspired them to open shop, what “style” means to them, and their end goal for Bunker.

*A note: this interview was translated from Spanish. Liberties were taken to improve translation.

Photo courtesy of @bunkerbsas

What inspired you to open shop?

We had a small showroom for 3 years that we outgrew. So we decided to take a big step forward, open up a store, grow our online shop, and sell throughout The Who country.

What do you love most about your shop & workspace?

Everything! Minus the occasional chaos. But we’ve made it beautiful as it’s become our home — we spend so much time here.

Photo courtesy of @bunkerbsas

What trend or designer inspires you?

 I can’t think of one thing. If we’re able to stick to our personal style and sell it well, that’s more important to us than sticking to a certain trend or fashion icon.

What does success look like to you?

Having a 6-story plus store like the second hand shops in Europe! 

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