Artist, Grace Peck

I’ve never been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming—nor have I ever had reason to go.

I’ve never been big on winter sports; I wave goodbye as my friends make the ski pilgrimage to JH without me.

But then recently my paths crossed with Grace Peck, head artist at Little Scout Creative.

She hand paints Jackson Hole’s wildlife, like bison and black bears, onto greeting cards.

Uses watercolors to capture the Grand Teton’s Delta Lake.

Posts insta stories of her adorable son watching with his moose stuffed animal, as the real things graze on grass outside the living room window.

Suddenly, I have an overwhelming desire to visit Jackson Hole.

Read my magical interview with Grace Peck, head artist and boutique owner, below.

Photo courtesy of Grace Peck

🌸 Describe your art!

I work in mostly watercolor, and alternate between commissions for other people (mostly pets + wedding stationery!) and pieces just for myself, typically of the landscapes and wildlife.

🌸 When did you make the leap to opening a design studio & shop?

I became a shop owner about 4 years ago, and started selling my art in the shop about 3 years ago (had to build up that confidence!) 

Owning a shop had always been one of those far away dreams. Making it come to life was more rewarding and challenging than I ever could have imagined!

🌸What does success look like to you?

Success to me is: making beautiful art, running a shop that caters not just to visitors to Jackson Hole, but our beloved locals as well, and being the BEST mom that I can be to my son.

🌸 What motivates you?

Striking a balance [to accomplish the above] is really hard, but I want my son to grow up and be able to say that his mom worked her butt off but was also present!

🌸 Where do you find inspiration?

I find it in the natural world around me.

🌸 What’s your favorite morning routine to get the creative juices flowing?

6 am coffee with my husband before our son wakes up, and a morning run. 

Check out her adorable design studio embedded within Roam boutique in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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