Creative Director, Jennifer Shuman Chang: “Keep grinding and be a good person.”

Describe your role:

I create and curate programming, experiences, and partnerships at Modernist, a social community in San Francisco. 

What does success mean to you?

Having the means and influence to help others achieve their goals, live the lifestyle I enjoy, and spoil friends and family once in a while.

Photo by @rjewphotos

As the Director at Modernist, what inspires you?

Creativity – experiencing different culture in all forms, architecture, people, music.

What morning routine sets you up for success?

I am a night owl. So, the ‘night’ routine that I find helpful is, setting a start time and project that I want to accomplish. Typically, tackling one project per night, till it’s done.

Photo by @rjewphotos

What is your favorite thing about this role?

The people I get to work with and the mission that I get to contribute to.

Personal motto?

Good things don’t come easy. So, keep grinding and be a good person while doing it.

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