Organic Beauty Boss Babe, Patricia Fonseca

In conversation with Patricia Fonseca, Founder & Owner of @taptaporganics in San Francisco, CA.

🌸 What is Tap Tap Organics?

Tap Tap Organics is an organic and zero waste skincare line which I created after becoming pregnant with our first daughter, and becoming more aware of the health and environmental issues related to personal care products.

I’m originally from the greenest place on Earth: Costa Rica. The line is very much inspired by our eco-conscious lifestyle, the Pura Vida mantra, and natural ingredients from Central and South America.

🌸 What does success mean to you?

Nothing is more rewarding than a glowing review or compliment from a customer! Their support means we have a growing community aspiring to higher standards of clean beauty.

🌸As a biz owner/independent/creative, what morning routine gets you off on the right foot?

An excellent latte and a real breakfast. I do truly believe it’s the most important meal of the day.

But starting a day right is really about sleeping well the night before. With some many things to juggle (family, work and Tap Tap Organics), being well rested helps me focus and prioritize through out the day.

🌸 What is your favorite thing about running your own company/side hustle?

I’m very proud of creating a line that does not compromise on my original values. For me, the concept of “clean beauty” is so much more than just formulating with organic, non-toxic ingredients. I truly believed in the need for a zero waste skincare lines. And I see so much momentum now in the zero waste movement. 

Also, I realized how much I missed making things with my own two hands. In architecture school and early in my career I would make models, hand draw…now everything is much more digital. The process of hand making the skincare products and pouring in passion and love into them is so gratifying.  

🌸 What’s your personal motto?

Pura vida! It’s a Costa Rican phrase which translates to “pure life”.

We say it for everything. It captures how Costa Rican’s appreciate nature, love and life.

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