Seattle-Based Photographer, Becky Gmahling

When I began The Wanderita, I knew I wanted to interview Becky. I met her in college and for as long as I’ve known her, she’s been a freelance photographer. After college, she grew that business and now you’ll find her all over the Pacific Northwest; snapping weddings, graduation photos, and engagement shoots.

This interview is near and dear to me as Becky was the lead wedding photographer on my wedding day. The moments she captured were beautiful and intimate, and I find myself staring at them more often than not.

She is determined, with an amazing attention to detail, and a discreteness that allows her to capture the most intimate of moments.

And so without further ado, Becky Gmahling.

🌵How did you get your start as a photographer?

I got a digital camera in 6th grade and brought it to 6th grade camp, truly from then on out I was known as the girl with the camera.

I got connected to a wedding photographer in college and began assisting for her, then started my own business after college! 

🌵Describe how you took the leap to being a full-time freelance photographer.

I told my self I didn’t want to apply for any “real” jobs after college, I wanted to give myself 2-3 years to see if I could build a business on my own, and I’m so glad I did! I actually still have a graphic design business that keeps me quite busy, but combined with photography, I’ve never had to apply elsewhere for more work.

Photography session photo courtesy of @Beckygstudios

🌵Name something you’re proud of.

Overall I’m the most proud of how I’ve gained almost all my clients through word-of-mouth.

Social media, advertising, and SEO are all daunting to me, and feels like it could be gone in a second, so building a business through referrals and word of mouth is something I’m really proud of.

Photography session photo courtesy of @Beckygstudios

🌵 Name an essential part of your work day.

Mid-day breaks.

I’m an active person, and working from home is great for that, but it can also cause me to lose steam.

Sometimes the mornings here in Seattle are dark and gloomy, so I often work from 7-11am and then go on a run or do a hot yoga class to break up my day. I come back from that feeling fresh and reenergized.

I always say it’s my “coffee” — although I still need that fresh cup every morning. 

🌵 What’s an important part of your morning routine?

Throwing a frisbee around with my dog for 15 minutes every morning.

He hypes me up and it honestly just feels so good to be outside first thing in the morning, before hunkering down at my desk.

🌵 Where do you find inspiration?

I would say I find my inspiration from people around me, even the barista at the coffee shop. I’ve come to value human interaction so much more after working from home for 4 years. So those little conversations energize me and inspire me to keep building and connecting with clients.

Photography session photo courtesy of @Beckygstudios — at my wedding!

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