About Me

What’s your relationship with “wellness”?

“Wellness” is a term I never felt comfortable with. I associated it with juice cleanses and spin addicts; calorie counters, “clean” eating, and normalized orthorexia. In 2018, I felt I had the opportunity to reinterpret wellness to mean something bigger and better — and The Wanderita was reborn.

Why did you create The Wanderita?

The Wanderita was originally a travel blog: for 2 years I documented my mishaps across South America. It was in-your-face and loud and wonderful. Then I moved back to the Bay Area and took a mini hiatus from the blog.

Back in the Bay, I was struck by how low-key mistreated women’s bodies were by both the women themselves and others. Orthorexia seemed normalized; body negativity talk was subtle, but prevalent.

I decided 2018 was the year to create new, happy, body loving spaces: add some color to the whitewashed “health” pedagogy and take a stand against body oppression, while embracing my sisters and showing off how “well” we already are.

What is The Wanderita?

The Wanderita is a space that recognizes there’s no wrong was to approach wellness. It’s a space where women share their wellness stories, and I scatter in a few of my own.

What’s a good mindset to have when reading The Wanderita?

Come ready to acknowledge that wellness isn’t bottled up into a green elixir or baked into gluten-free cookies; that it’s not one more yoga class nor an enviable meditation practice. Wellness is all of the previously stated and none at the same time.  

Name 3 ways you aspire to define “wellness” for yourself.

By living bolder and deeper. By having luxuriously long breakfasts (like my date with this PBB&J). And by doing less and being more. 

What’s a quote or phrase that’s resonating with you these days?

#Feedthepooch. It’s my personal insta hashtag and a constant reminder to be nice to my belly by always giving it what it needs (which most of the time, is love!).