Do I Belong in the Body Positive Community?

In the body positivity world, I often hear self love adages like "love your cellulite" and "eat what you want."  I love these and have since added my own affirmations to the list: Eat what feels good (like pizza for breakfast!). Relax and release my stomach, taking up the space I deserve. Release food from being the … Continue reading Do I Belong in the Body Positive Community?

La Primera Cita {& otros encuentros}

Yesterday, I went on my first date with an Argentinian. It was exciting! We had met at a boliche, called Makena on Thursday. I was there because my friend's band was one of three playing that night. The music was a mix of rock and ska, and all were SO good. I was jumping up and down with … Continue reading La Primera Cita {& otros encuentros}