Global Fashion: Genevieve, Colombia

My friend Genevieve is an international style icon. At least in my eyes (and the eyes of those who know her), she is. We met while living in Argentina. I moved into a shared international house and lo-and-behold another Californian already inhibited the space -- Gen! Through her, I discovered new Argentine boutiques and designers. … Continue reading Global Fashion: Genevieve, Colombia

Berkeley Bungalow on a Minimalist Budget

Colorado-born Morgan is a grad student, full time employee, and bourgeoning jewelry designer. On top of all that, she's a serious crafter and decorates her Berkeley home with her own handiwork. Hey Morgan heyyy Paying her way through grad school hasn't stopped Morgan from decorating her home to her liking: she crafts most of her decor … Continue reading Berkeley Bungalow on a Minimalist Budget